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Ivan Savin

Ivan Savin

Since July 2023 Ivan is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Analytics at the ESCP Business School, Madrid campus. He is also a research fellow at ICTA-UAB. 


Savin I., S. Drews and J. van den Bergh, 2024, Carbon Pricing – Strengths, Weaknesses and Knowledge Gaps according to a Global Survey, Environmental Research Letters, 19 024014


Drews S., Savin I. and J. van den Bergh, 2024, A Global Survey of Scientific Consensus and Controversy on Climate Policy, Ecological Economics, 218: 108098  

Drapkin I, I. Savin and I. Zverev, 2024, Revisiting the effect of hosting large-scale sport events on international tourist inflows, Journal of Sports Economics, 25(1): 98-125 


King L.C., Savin I. and S. Drews, 2023, Shades of green growth skepticism among climate policy researchers, Nature Sustainability,

Mundt P., Savin I., Cantner U., Inoue H. and S. Vannuccini, 2023, Peer Effects in Productivity and Differential Growth: A Global Value-Chain Perspective, Industrial and Corporate Change,



2023 Savin I. and Novitskaya M. „A much-needed methodology aimed at identifying and helping gazelles“, World Economic Forum,

2023 Galieva D. “Non-random «gazelles»” (in Russian) Kommersant  (based on

Management of networking in creating new knowledge | Ivan Savin | TEDxFSUJena

Management of networking in creating new knowledge | Ivan Savin | TEDxFSUJena

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