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2023 Savin I.  Evolution and recombination of topics in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Technological Forecasting and                  Social Change 194: 122723


2023 King L.C., Savin I. and S. Drews, Shades of green growth skepticism among climate policy researchers, Nature Sustainability,                


2023 van den Bergh J. and I. Savin, The Role of Interest in the Unsustainability of Growth: Analytical Findings Using an Accounting Model,              Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy, forthcoming


2023 Savin I., Cantner U., Inoue H. and S. Vannuccini, Peer Effects in Productivity and Differential Growth: A Global Value-Chain                                Perspective, Industrial and Corporate Change,


2023 van den Bergh J. and I. Savin, Political leadership, climate policy and renewable energy, Proceedings of the National Academy of              Sciences, 120 (14) e2301291120


2023 Savin I. F. Creutzig, T. Filatova, J. Foramitti, T. Konc, L. Niamir, K. Safarzynska and J. van den Bergh, Agent-based modeling to                          integrate elements from different disciplines for ambitious climate policy, WIREs Climate Change 14(2):                                                                e811


2023 Savin I. and M. Novitskaya, Data-driven definitions of gazelle companies that rule out chance: Application for Russia and Spain,                         Eurasian Business Review, forthcoming


2023 Savin I., Chukavina K., Pushkarev A. Topic-based classification and identification of global trends for startup companies, Small                         Business Economics, 60: 659–689 


2023 Drapkin I, I. Savin and I. Zverev, Revisiting the effect of hosting large-scale sport events on international tourist inflows, Journal of               Sports Economics, forthcoming


2023 Medase K. and I. Savin, Creativity, innovation and employment growth in sub-Saharan Africa, African Journal of Economic and               Management Studies, forthcoming

2022 Savin I. and P. Mundt, Drivers of productivity change in global value chains: reallocation vs. innovation, Economics Letters 220:                    110878


2022 Savin I. and J. van den Bergh, Tired of Climate Targets: Shift focus of “IPCC scenarios” from targets to policies, Annals of the New                York Academy of Sciences, 1517(1):5-10

2022 Savin I. and N. Teplyakov, Topics of the nationwide phone-ins with Vladimir Putin and their role for public support and Russian         

          economy, Information Processing & Management, 59(5):103043


2022 Drews S., Savin I., J. van den Bergh and S. Villamayor Climate concern and policy acceptance before and after COVID-19, Ecological

          Economics 199:107507


2022 Drews S., Savin I. and J. van den Bergh, Biased perceptions of other people’s attitudes to carbon taxation, Energy Policy 167:113051 



2022 Marson M. and I. Savin, Complementary or adverse? Comparing development results of foreign public funding from China and

           traditional donors in Africa, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 62:189-206     



2022 Savin I., Drews S., J. van den Bergh and S. Villamayor Public expectations about the impact of COVID-19 on climate action by citizens

           and government, PLOS One 17 (6), e0266979


2022 Konc T., Drews S., I. Savin and J. van den Bergh, Co-dynamics of climate policy stringency and public support, Global   

         Environmental Change 74:102528


2022 Savin I., Chukavina K., Pushkarev A. Topic-based classification and identification of global trends for startup companies, Small

         Business Economics, forthcoming 


2022 Savin I., Ott I. and C. Konop, Tracing the evolution of service robotics: Insights from a topic modeling approach, Technological

           Forecasting and Social Change 174: 121280


2022 Ayres R.U., Savin I., van den Bergh J., Hao L., Exergy versus Labor in Aggregate Production Functions: Estimates for Ten Large

           Economies, International Journal of Exergy, 38(3):


2022 Savin I. and N. Teplyakov, Insights on main research directions in Economy of Regions using methods from computational linguistics,

          Economy of Regions 18(2):338-352


2022 Savin, I.V., Letyagin, D.K. Estimating the role of labor resources reallocation between sectors on the growth of aggregate labor

           productivity in the Russian economy, R-economy 8(1): 57–67


2021 Mestre-Andrés S., Drews S., Savin I. and J. van den Bergh, Carbon tax acceptability with information provision and revenue mixes,

          Nature Communications 12, 7017,

2021 van den Bergh J. and I. Savin, Impact of carbon pricing on low-carbon innovation and deep decarbonisation: A more positive

          assessment, Environmental and Resource Economics 80: 705–715

2021 Foramitti J., Savin I. and van den Bergh J., Regulation at the source? Comparing upstream and downstream climate policies,

          Technological Forecasting and Social Change 172:121060

2021 Savin I. and J. van den Bergh, Main topics in EIST during its first decade: A computational-linguistic analysis, Environmental

          Innovation and Societal Transition, 41:10-17,

2021 Savin I., Drews S. and J. van den Bergh, GEM: A short “Growth-vs-Environment" Module for survey research, Ecological Economics

          187: 107092

2021 Klein F., Drews S., I. Savin and J. van den Bergh, Time-use analysis of work patterns, leisure activities and resulting energy use for

          Finland and France, Energy Research & Social Science 76:102054

2021 van den Bergh J., Castro J., Drews S., Exadaktylos F., Foramitti J., Klein F., T. Konc and Savin I., Designing an Effective Climate-Policy

         Mix: Accounting for Instrument Synergy, Climate Policy 21(6):745-764,

2021 Wang N., Xiao M. and I. Savin, Complementarity Effect in the Innovation Strategy: Internal R&D and Acquisition of Capital with

          Embodied Technology, Journal of Technology Transfer 46:459–482

2021 Sarto i Monteys V., Costa Ribes A. and I. Savin, The invasive longhorn beetle Xylotrechus chinensis, pest of mulberries, in Europe: study

          on its local spread and efficacy of abamectin control, PLOS One 16(1): e0245527

2021 Savin I., On optimal regimes of knowledge exchange: A model of recombinant growth and firm networks, Journal of Economic

          Interaction and Coordination 16(3): 497-527

2021 Savin I., Drews S. and J. van den Bergh, Free associations of citizens and scientists with (green) economic growth: A computational

          linguistics analysis, Ecological Economics, 180: 106878,

2021 Foramitti J., Savin I. and van den Bergh J., Emission tax vs. permit trading under bounded rationality and dynamic markets, Energy

          Policy 148(B):112009

2021 Konc T., I. Savin and J. van den Bergh, The social multiplier of environmental policy: application to carbon taxation, Journal of

          Environmental Economics and Management, 105:102396

2020 Savin I. Studying market selection in Russia and abroad: Measurement problems, national specificity and stimulating methods,

          Journal of the New Economic Association 48 (4):197-204 (In Russ.) DOI: 10.31737/2221-2264-2020-48-4-9


2020 Devitsyn I. N., Savin I. V. Research Community Analytic Tool Based on TopicModeling and Network Analysis. Russian Journal of

           Cybernetics 1(4):13–21. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.51790/2712-9942-2020-1-4-2.

2020 Savin I.V., Mariev O.S., Pushkarev A.A. Measuring the strength of market selection in Russia: When the (firm) size matters. Voprosy

          Ekonomiki. 2020(2):101-124. (In Russ.)

2020 Mariev, O. S., Savin I. V. & Teplyakov, N. S. Modelling the Impact of Sanctions on Income Inequality of Population in the Target

           Countries. Economy of Regions: 16(2), 363-376 (In Russ.)

2020 Savin I., Drews S., Mestre-Andrés S. and J. van den Bergh, Public views on carbon taxation and its fairness: A computational-linguistics

           analysis, Climatic Change, 162: 2107–2138,

2020 Savin I., Marson M. and M. Sutormina, How different aid flows affect different trade flows: Evidence from Africa and its largest donors,

          Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 55:119-136,

2020 Castro J., Drews S., Exadaktylos F., Foramitti J., Klein F., Konc T., Savin I. and van den Bergh J., A Review of Agent-based Modelling of

           Climate-Energy Policy, WIREs Climate Change 11(4):e647

2020 Blueschke D., I. Savin and V. Blueschke-Nikolaeva, An evolutionary approach to passive learning in optimal control problems,

           Computational Economics 56(3):659–673

2020 Delgado Castillo A., van den Bergh J., Savin I., V. Sarto i Monteys, Cost-benefit analysis of conservation policy: The red palm weevil in

           Catalonia, Spain, Ecological Economics, 167:106453

2019 Konc T. and I. Savin, Social reinforcement with weighted interactions, Physical Review E 100: 022305

2019 van den Bergh J., I. Savin and S. Drews, Evolution of opinions in the growth-vs-environment debate: Extended replicator dynamics,

          Futures 109:84-100,

2019 Drews S., I. Savin and J. van den Bergh, Opinion Clusters in Academic and Public Debates on Growth-vs-Environment, Ecological

          Economics 157:141-155,

2019 Cantner U., Savin I. and S. Vannuccini, Replicator dynamics in value chains: Explaining some puzzles of market selection, Industrial

         and Corporate Change 28(3): 589-611,

2019 Savin I., Mariev O., Pushkarev A. Survival of the Fittest? Measuring the Strength of Market Selection on the Example of the Urals

          Federal District. HSE Economic Journal 23(1): 90-117 (In Russ.) DOI: 10.17323/1813-8691-2019-23-1-90-117

2018 Meckl J. and I. Savin, Factor-biased technical change and specialization patterns, Central European Journal of Economic

         Modelling and Econometrics 10(2): 75-100,

2018 Savin I., Blueschke D. and Blueschke-Nikolaeva V., Slow and steady wins the race: approximating Nash equilibria in nonlinear quadratic

          tracking games, Journal of Economics and Statistics 238(6):541-570

2018 Korzinov V. and I. Savin, General Purpose Technologies as an Emergent Property, Technological Forecasting and Social Change

          129: 88-104,

2018 d’Andria D. and I. Savin, A Win-Win-Win? Motivating innovation in a knowledge economy with tax incentives, Technological

          Forecasting and Social Change 127:38-56,

2017 Herrmann J.K. and I. Savin, Optimal Policy Identification: Insights from the German Electricity Market, Technological Forecasting

         and Social Change 122(C): 71-90,

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          Central European Journal of Operations Research 25(2): 377-392,

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          objective value, Computational Economics 48(2): 317-338

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          Economic Dynamics and Control 64: 82-103,

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          objectives, World Development 76:26-39,

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          Economics 24(2):399-420,

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          application of a heuristic approach, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37(4): 821-837,       

2013 Savin I., A comparative study of the Lasso-type and heuristic model selection methods, Journal of Economics and Statistics,

          233(4): 526-549,

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         Measurement and Analysis 2012/2,

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          performance, Computational Economics, 39(4): 337-363,

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2009 Savin I. and P. Winker, Forecasting Russian foreign trade comparative advantages in the context of a potential WTO accession, Central

          European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics 1(2): 111-138,


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