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7th OEET Workshop - Emerging Economies in Global Value Chains: impacts and policy issues

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The 7th Workshop organized by OEET will be fully online on December 2-3, 2021. Unless Covid-19 related restrictions will prevent it, one of the sessions, still to be selected, will be available both online and in person in Turin.

In the last decades, production of goods and services has become increasingly specialized and fragmented in different countries. Global Value Chains (GVCs), as well as macro-regional networks, have played a role in boosting growth in many developing and emerging economies, as entering in specific phases of production is easier than building whole industries from scratch. GVCs can nonetheless trigger unbalances, inequality, and environmental degradation, including global climate change associated to international logistics. Moreover, developing countries have often taken limited part into GVCs, getting a small share of value added, while some advanced countries and their working class were marginalized.

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